“Stanford” Steve discusses why Texas’ confidence gives him pause

Texas confidence is hitting differently with college football analysts this offseason. ESPN’s “Stanford” Steve Coughlin is one of the latest to take notice that the Longhorns might actually be a force in the upcoming football season.

Coughlin discussed how the Texas Longhorns coaching staff’s confidence has him alert to the possibility this team might be dangerous. He said the following on Andy Staples’ college football podcast.

“So many guys on that staff have coached in the SEC. … There’s a sense that they feel that they have what they need to go on the road in an SEC environment and get a win, which says a lot. Teams will say that they’re confident in themselves. I actually feel it this year with Texas. That’s what’s different to me.”

Surprisingly, Coughlin thinks Texas defensive linemen Byron Murphy and Alfred Collins could be the difference makers in the game. After mentioning Alabama’s struggles against the Texas defensive line last season, Coughlin shared the following of their potential impact.

“(Byron Murphy and Alfred Collins) up front for them on the defensive line are absolute monsters. Those are the guys I look at when you go on the road. If they dictate, you’re gonna have success.”

It’s possible an inspired Alabama team puts a hurting on Texas, but we expect the Longhorns to come prepared to bring their best football.

Story originally appeared on Longhorns Wire