Stan Van Gundy might get into politics

If you read any political reports in the lamestream media over the past few weeks, you probably heard about Congress' fight over the raising of the debt ceiling. If you didn't, a quick recap: One party used the arcane rules of Amercain government to force a crisis in order to win concessions on some of their party's key issues. The other party, to which our president belongs, agreed to this "compromise" and has incurred the wrath of its base. The entire thing was a triumph of the American political system.

Many Americans found it unfortunate, though. That group includes Orlando Magic coach Stan Van Gundy, who apparently was so upset at Washington gridlock that he entertained the notion of running for office when his coaching career is over. From Zach McCann for the Orlando Sentinel:

Van Gundy, who enjoys watching political shows and reading magazines such as Time and Newsweek in his free time, said he's thought about pursuing a career in politics once he's done coaching. He isn't sure what level of politics, but he has seriously considered the possibility.

"I don't like what's going on," Van Gundy said of the recent happenings in Washington, D.C. "I think sometimes you can sit around and complain. Look, I want to coach for as long as I can. But when that's done — depending on where my family situation is — yeah, I'd think about it. I certainly would think about it.

"I'm fed up with the people in our government. Because I'm fed up, instead of complaining about it, I plan to do something about it."

Good job, Stan, but you'll need to add a few more comments on being a Washington outsider and representing small-town American values if you want to be a successful candidate. It might even make sense to photograph yourself killing a buffalo, too, so people know you're a tough manly man.

It's temping to say that Van Gundy's political aspirations seem fundamentally unserious, based as they are on reading a few magazines and harboring anger towards the vague notion of "not getting things done." But that minor interest probably vaults SVG ahead of any number of current Congressman on the political seriousness spectrum, at least in this era of pop-up candidates with poorly considered political beliefs. So maybe Stan should follow his dreams and run for office. If our country still has a functional government at that point, that is.

Then again, SVG may not be such a great candidate. In a time where political campaigns get more mean-spirited with every election cycle, this clip will serve as fodder for several attack ads. Would you trust such a ridiculous yeller with our national security?

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