Staking Money Online: The Perks Of Virtual Betting and Getting an Edge

The act of betting or wagering money or something of value on an event with uncertain results to win more money or things of value wagered best describes gambling. The excitement of gambling comes in the form of not knowing whether or not you will be paid. Having a larger payout adds to the thrill as well. 


What many people don’t realize is that gambling games are fundamentally mathematical by nature and can be beaten when one understands the mechanics of the game and the odds. The act of beating a gambling game is called advantage play and it can be done with the following:

  • Sports betting

  • Casino games

  • Sports betting

  • Lottery games 

  • Online gambling


The world today has become very digital, which makes it easier to gamble. One might think that the digital world has made advantage play harder, but this is not necessarily true. One just needs to think outside of the box.

In brick and mortar casinos, it’s not uncommon to see advantage players count cards in blackjack or hustle slot machines that are in advantageous states. Players can easily make over 6 figures doing this. However, learning the art of advantage play is not easy and requires you to study the art just like a class in university. 


Virtual gambling has increased the exposure of casino games, allowing one to dabble into advantage play with ease. However, advantage play is not for everyone and it’s important to categorize the different types of gamblers. Some people simply just want to test their luck and win big without the hassle of learning a new skill.


  • Recreational gambler. A recreational gambler is a player who engages in betting as a form of leisure or entertainment activity rather than a source of income or the intention of making a profit. Recreational gamblers set aside an amount of money, specifically for this form of entertainment.

Recreational gamblers have a limit on how much these players are willing to lose and gamble responsibly without negatively affecting other areas of life. These players enjoy gambling activities, such as:

  • Playing casino games

  • Betting on sports games

  • Social gambler. A social gambler joins in entertaining activities for social reasons. They like spending time with friends or joining a group activity. The social gamblers are interested in watching movies or attending sporting events. Social gambling may involve these two factors:

  • low-stakes or friendly wagering

  • enjoyment and socialize 

If you have the interest in social gambling, you might have the interest on these popular social gambling:

  • board games

  • card games

These are enjoyed with friends for just a small amount of money, including participating in a friendly sports betting pool. It is considered a casual form of entertainment and the participants may take the activity too seriously.

  • Professional gambler. A professional gambler lives mainly through the profits they earn from casino games. It is a type of player with a deep understanding of the game; they play and use skill and strategy and consistently win. These professional gamblers focus on particular game types, such as:

  • Poker

  • Table games

  • Sports betting

  • Horse racing

These gamblers have a network of contacts and use several aids to gain an edge over the competition or the casino. Professional gamblers have a high level of emotional control and self-discipline, including:

  • Managing their bankroll effectively

  • Maximizing profits

  • Minimizing risk


If beating the casino interests you, you should identify yourself with the categories of gamblers above and see if you have what it takes to play with an edge.

Story originally appeared on Mountain West Wire