Stacey King's greatest-ever calls on the Bulls broadcast

Stacey King's greatest-ever calls on the Bulls broadcast

Stacey King's greatest-ever calls on the Bulls broadcast originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

14 years ago, Derrick Rose threw down one of the most memorable slams in Chicago Bulls history when he went up with two hands over Phoenix Suns Guard Goran Dragić.

With one strong dribble, the reigning Rookie of the Year put the Suns' second-year guard on a poster for the ages.

Majestic as it was, the dunk probably doesn't live forever in Bulls lore without Stacey King's iconic call on the local television broadcast, now known as NBC Sports Chicago.

"Oh! Stop it! Stop it! Did not do him like that! What are you doing Dragic? Did you not get the memo? Derrick Rose can go upstairs! Whew! Oh! Oh my goodness! Watch this! I want to go higher! Oh my goodness! Dragic! Somebody grab Dragic and say, 'Do you know who this kid is? He is from Chicago. He has a 40-inch vertical. And you are … ?' Where is my poster machine? This is what I need my poster machine [for]! Where's it at? Oh my goodness! Stop it!"

King is currently in his 17th season as the Bulls' TV analyst and has become widely known throughout the league for his enthusiastic play-calls and signature catchphrases, particularly throughout the Derrick Rose era.

While taglines like "gimme the hot sauce," are gameday staples, King has a knack for coming up with witty one-liners on the spot. His electrifying delivery, though, is what makes him one of the best in the business. His spirit always matches the moment.

It would be impossible to compile a decisive ranking of King's greatest calls from the booth, but here's a handful that would certainly be considered among his best work.

"I wanna go higher!"

"Is there a medic in the house?"

"He just put Stewie in the basket"


"Big-time players make big-time plays"

"Ben Franklin is rolling over right now"

"Let me step back and kiss myself"


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