St. Louis celebrates Cardinals’ Home Opener with pep rally

ST. LOUIS — The fans braved not only the cold of the game, but also the FOX 2 pep rally. Bommarito Automotive Group Skyfox showed us the sea of red as fans filed into Busch Stadium to enjoy the game.

Most of them were bundled up for what felt more like playoff baseball weather than the unofficial start of summer. It was a sea of red in downtown St. Louis. It’s considered an unofficial holiday. The Cards opened their season against the Marlins at Busch Stadium and fans had a chance to watch a pep rally before the game.

Busch Stadium crowd boos John Mozeliak during Opening Day introductions

Cardinals baseball is back in St. Louis and Redbird fans young and old are excited. FOX2 and KPLR, along  with our partners  Y-98 and 102.5 KEZK, co-hosted  a pre-game day pep rally  with free give-aways and photos and fans were fired up.

“I have been doing this for 30 years, and opening day is awesome. I love seeing everybody and Cardinal Nation is awesome,” said Michelle Gibbs.

“I like the color and I like how they play. I hope they win; they are from my city,” said Aryon Jackson.

“See all the non-sense but keep up under control down here; it’s all a good time with the Cardinals,” said Dominic Smith.

Cardinals fans   had on their favorite memorabilia from head to toe to cheer on the home team.

“We wear our hats every year. We are going to have a winning season. Let’s go cards.” 
said Christa Miller.

“When you come down to the opening day, it should be a national holiday. You put aside all of your politics and all of your beliefs; it’s all one nation, the cardinal nation,” said Jay Jones.

“I love the atmosphere , the party, the music and the game-go cards,” said Amber Adams.

“I’m so excited. This is why we have been coming here for  many years and  this is the busiest I have seen this year, which is awesome,“ said Ron Henderson.

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