St. George bowler Ben Stang rides hot streak to career-best performance at Dixie Bowl

Ben Stang threw 26 strikes during games of 275, 246 and 243 at Dixie Bowl for a career-high 764 series.
Ben Stang threw 26 strikes during games of 275, 246 and 243 at Dixie Bowl for a career-high 764 series.

Ben Stang is the latest in a growing list of young bowling talent in St. George bowling who use either a two, or one-handed bowling delivery in order to generate tons of revs leading to more explosive scoring action.

And that's exactly what happened as Stang took his game to new heights after beginning league play with a 5-bagger, missed a 10-pin leave for his only open frame of the night, and followed with a turkey and spare in the 10th for a 243 game.

Next, he delivered eight strikes and three spares in a clean 246 and finished an electrifying performance with 10 strikes and a pair of spares for a career-high 275 game, and 26 total strikes for a jaw-dropping 764 series, blowing away a previous 712 high.

When Stang brings his strike ball to the party and keeps open frames to a bare minimum, he can hang with pretty much any bowler and his 764 is proof of that. So is the fact that during the 2022-23 season, his first in St. George, he finished with a season-high 200 average. And with his positive attitude and friendly personality, he's one of the most popular young bowlers in St. George.

Stang graduated from Liberty High School in Las Vegas where he played soccer, golf and football. His two favorite pro bowlers are Jason Belmando and Darren Tang, his favorite sport is soccer and his club soccer team in Sin City won Nationals. His favorite soccer player is Fernando Torres, who has earned more than $90 million in his career and is the third-highest goalscorer of all-time for Spain.

Stang is employed at Stephen Wade Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep dealership in St. George, and at the top of his bucket list is to eventually travel to Monaco, located on the French Riviera.

In other pin action, John Potter the high-average champ last season continued a blistering scoring pace this season with a 726 series and 278 game, Brent Carlon threw an impressive clean 671 series with 17 strikes and 15 spares, while on Sunday night, Chuck Irvine (670-249) had his best overall night to date this season, and Todd Thomas, the patriarch of the super Thomas bowling family chucked a 657 and 234 game.

And without much fanfare, Kyle Clark (663-258) while still in search of his fourth 300 game is having a darn good season, Randy Brown (653-228) is still in search of the higher scores he's capable of, while a top-notch effort by Lew Agius (655-233) included only one open frame, Josh Dippre 648-246) did a super job, and Jerry Bundy (612-243) had arguably his best outing this season.

Meanwhile, Brayden Chapman (609-229), Bruce Breager (606-233), Lindsay May (604-221) and  Niko Garcia (602-220) collectively mowed down 2,421 sticks.

In single game play, Jared Bundy (691) popped 270, Dave Keller (630) fired a 258, while Don Polich uncorked a 255, and Tyler Mickelsen booked a 235. Will Hutchinson (602), Ken Schloman, Gene Fera, Randy Halverson, and Ron Goch booked games of 227, 205, 204, 201 and 201, respectively.

In women's action, Margie O'Neill led the scoring charge with a 629 series and 254 game in Women's Trio League action, and two days ago in Monday's Industrial League booked a 606 with a clean 258 which included 10 strikes and two spares.

And there is no slowing down in Ann Rasmusen's (587-216) game, Annett Chugg was a pillar of consistency with games of 174, 172 and 171, while Kathi Foy a fan of the Minnesota Timberwolves smacked a 529, and Rebecca Killpack merits ink for a 527.

Tina Syddall gets some rare ink for a 511, Karen Chute also merits ink for a 510 set and  213 game, while Rachelle Reed claimed a 504 and Chris Sanzone also posted a 504.

In single game play, Hailey Bundy (528) racked up a 218, the amazing Sue Brooks tallied a 209, Cameo Irvine captured her first ink this season with a 202 in action on Sunday at Dixie Bowl, while Tami Olsen captures her first ink of the year for a 200, and in Friday Senior League play, Barb Flugrad is an amazing 92-year-old bowler who booked a clean 191 game.

Senior scores

Dave Anderson 638-237; Lew Agius 627-234; Stan Rasmussen 620-225; Manny Hartmann 611-228 Larry Rumple 602-211; Margie O'Neill 581-215; Ann Rasmusen 575-223; Pat O'Loughlin 537-200; Kathy Robbins 521; Diana Sharf 509; Annette Chugg 508-199; Debbie Lehnen 507-190; Barb Flugrad rolls clean 191 at age 92. Splits: Diana Swart 4-10; LKinda Handke 6-7; Janet Parker 3--6-7-10; Ken Schloman 3-7-9.

Oh, bay-bee!

Kathy Robbins converted the 5-7 split ... Maxine Thurston picked up the 6-10; SannDee Lindquist spared the 6-10; Dianne Shepherd picked up the 5-7 ... Pat McCabe converted the tricky 4-5-7.

High scores

Joseph Graham 693-268; Robert Dickey 668-239; Vic Reading 664-246; Bard Hancock 660-233; Kyle Kidman 647-227; Patrick Webster 647-236; Ben Stang 645-242; Gage Petersohn 645-226; Scott Bowden 640-233; Jackie Syddall 634-220; Marcus 633-215; Gregg Sant 632-224; Tyler Thoimas 632-228; Brendan Thomas 631-224; Dalton Smith 630-226; Joel Redfearn 6222-234; Cory Choate 620-222; Brandon Hadlock 618-214; Moi Davis 618-247; Norm Ritchie 618-238; Matt Hill 618-230; Michal Garcia 615-226; Dave Myers 613-246; Bruce Breager 606-223; Terry Beckham 605-227; Tyler Mickelson 235; Al Oliveira V; Nu'umau Soliei 226; Paul Yssel 225;Bob Lehnen 224; Dan O'Neill 224; Patrick Darragh 224; Rick Shields 224; Matt Cook 222; Rick Lesko 220; Jake Heatoin 218; Rob Carrier 216; Chris Duffin 215; Tony Zaccheus 215; Bill Stauffer 213; Bill Echternkamp 213; Dan Cooney 213; Ron Hanson 213; Ted Mickelson 213; Darrell Shifflet 212; James Henderson 211; Doug Clarke 210; Jim Brooks 210; Mark Cruz 208; Dvid Romano 207; Jaren Clark 206; Jorge Gajeda 205; Shane Wilson 205; Shane Wilson 205; Wild Bill Logan 205; David Blakely 203; Allen Cope 202; Brent Pollock 202; Max Stayrook 202; David Lee 201; Jay Healey 201; Troy Olaveson 201; Al Oliveira IV 200; Sherri Snarr 599-215; Ashley Thomas 586-204; PJ Redhouse 571-203; Diana Stauffer 547-199; Susan Hill 545-190; Marcy Thompson 542-200; Sharon Reading 522-200; Stephanie Miller 516; Debbie Lehnen 509-211; Dawn Thomas 508; Bryeann Barckley 503; Tina Cruz 506.

Willie Theis covers league bowling in St. George for The Spectrum and Daily News.

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