St. Anthony boys basketball downs Decatur St. Teresa; Effingham wrestlers fare well at Carbondale Murdale Invitational

Jan. 8—Below are area boys and girls basketball and wrestling results from Friday and Saturday.



Robinson 57, Effingham 40

Effingham fell to Robinson, 57-40, at Robinson High School.

Hayden Wendling led the Flaming Hearts (2-17) with nine points. KJ Kellams had eight. Cole Phillips had six. Ethan Jones, Cannon Bockhorn and Nolan Fearday each had five and Adam Flack had two.

Effingham trailed 18-5 at the end of the first quarter, 29-15 at halftime and 39-28 at the end of the third quarter. The Hearts outscored Robinson 18-12 in the fourth.

Effingham (St. Anthony) 66, Decatur (St. Teresa) 26

St. Anthony defeated St. Teresa, 66-26, at St. Teresa High School.

Brock Fearday led the Bulldogs (14-4) with 18 points. Ryan Schmidt had 14. Max Koenig had seven. Nick Ruholl, Collin Westendorf and Brady Hatton each had six. Sam Link had five and Henry Brent and Aiden Lauritzen each had two.

St. Anthony led 18-6 at the end of the first quarter, 41-18 at halftime and 62-26 at the end of the third quarter. The Bulldogs outscored St. Teresa 4-0 in the fourth.

Teutopolis 52, Warrensburg-Latham 37

Teutopolis defeated Warrensburg-Latham, 52-37, at Warrensburg-Latham High School.

Joey Niebrugge led the Wooden Shoes (11-7) with 17 points, 11 rebounds, five steals and one assist. Garrett Gaddis had 15 points and three assists. Alex Kremer had four points. Tyler Pruemer, Gavin Addis, Mitch Koester and Zac Niebrugge each had three points. Logan Lawson had two points and three assists and Austin Bloemer had two points.

T-Town led 12-8 at the end of the first quarter. They outscored Warrensburg-Latham 13-11 in the second, 18-12 in the third and 9-6 in the fourth.

Altamont 60, Woodlawn 39

Altamont defeated Woodlawn, 60-39, at Altamont High School.

Kaden Davis led the Indians (9-4) with 16 points. Kaidyn Miller had 14. Kade Milleville had 11. Eli Miller had 10. Aden McManaway had seven and Tyler Ruffner had two.

Altamont led 17-6 after the first quarter, 29-13 at halftime and 45-25 at the end of the third quarter. The Indians outscored Woodlawn 15-14 in the fourth.

Neoga 52, Moweaqua (Central A&M) 35

Neoga defeated Central A&M, 52-35, at Neoga High School.

Landon Titus led the Indians (5-12) with 16 points. Trey Sheehan had 13. Braydon Letterle had six. Carter Young had five and Luke Keller, Gavin Ray and James Bullock each had four.

Neoga led 12-5 after the first quarter, 28-11 at halftime and 41-22 at the end of the third quarter. Central A&M outscored the Indians 13-11 in the fourth.

St. Elmo/Brownstown 80, Grayville 62

St. Elmo/Brownstown (SEB) defeated Grayville, 80-62, at St. Elmo High School.

Adam Atwood led SEB (13-3) with 29 points (10 of 15 shooting), nine rebounds, one steal and six assists. Collin Maxey had 16 points (5 of 10), five rebounds, one steal and one assist. Cade Schaub had 16 points (6 of 9), four rebounds, two steals, four blocks and one assist. Brody Mason had 12 points (3 of 5), three rebounds, one steal and one block and Lowell Wilhour had seven points (1 of 2), three rebounds, three steals and seven assists.

Marion 68, Newton 59

Newton fell to Marion, 68-59, at Marion High School.

Caden Nichols led the Eagles (12-6) with 32 points. Max Meinhart had 12. Dylan Gier had eight. Jacob Weber had six and Gus Bierman had one.

Newton trailed 19-10 at the end of the first quarter. The Eagles were outscored 12-10 in the second and 22-18 in the fourth. They outscored Marion 21-15 in the third.


Effingham 43, Mt. Zion 33

Effingham defeated state-ranked Mt. Zion in an Apollo Conference matchup, 43-33, at Effingham High School.

Bella Austin led the Flaming Hearts (16-3, 3-2 league) with 11 points. Bria Beals had 10. Averie Wolfe had seven. Sidney Donaldson had six. Saige Althoff had five and Alyssa Martin had four.

Effingham and Mt. Zion were tied at 11 after the first quarter. The Flaming Hearts led 23-19 at halftime and 28-24 at the end of the third quarter. They outscored Mt. Zion 15-9 in the fourth.

Effingham (St. Anthony) 69, Flora 45

St. Anthony defeated Flora, 69-45, at the Enlow Center at St. Anthony High School.

Stacie Vonderheide led the Bulldogs (13-6) with 23 points, 14 rebounds, four assists and six steals. Nancy Ruholl had 16 points, six rebounds, four assists and four steals. Adysen Rios had 12 points, six rebounds, two assists and four steals. Addi Nuxoll had five points and 10 rebounds. Aubrey Denning had seven points and three rebounds and Ava Faber had six points and three rebounds.

St. Anthony led 19-9 after the first quarter, 35-20 at halftime and 55-34 at the end of the third quarter. The Bulldogs outscored Flora 14-11 in the fourth.

Stewardson-Strasburg/Windsor 48, Toledo (Cumberland) 35

Stewardson-Strasburg/Windsor (WSS) defeated Cumberland, 48-35, at Waldrip Gymnasium at Cumberland High School.

Ella Kinkelaar led the Hatchets (9-9) with 14 points. Samantha Hayes had 13. Morgan Mathis had nine. Kendra Hayes had eight and Katelyn VonBehrens and Ellie Wittenberg had two.

As for the Lady Pirates (6-14), Alysa Dittamore had 10 points. Suzy Fritts had seven. Jadalyn Sowers and Jade Carr each had five. Katelyn Shoemaker had three and Paige Dittamore and Hannah Shoemaker each had two.

WSS trailed 13-12 at the end of the first quarter. The Hatchets outscored Cumberland 14-5 in the second and 13-6 in the third. The Lady Pirates outscored WSS 11-9 in the fourth.

Neoga 58, Casey-Westfield 33

Neoga defeated Casey-Westfield, 58-33, at Casey-Westfield High School.

Haylee Campbell led the Indians (12-6) with 14 points. Brynn Richards had 12. Atalie Osborn had 11. Gracie Eaton had 10. Allison Sampson had nine and Malory Henderson had two.

Neoga led 16-9 after the first quarter. The Indians outscored Casey-Westfield 17-9 in the second and 15-4 in the fourth and were tied at 10 apiece in the third.



Mt. Zion 69, Effingham 27

Effingham fell to Mt. Zion in an Apollo Conference matchup, 69-27, at Mt. Zion High School.

Rylan Pals led the Flaming Hearts (2-16, 1-4 league) with nine points. Cannon Bockhorn had seven. KJ Kellams had six. Hayden Wendling had three and Adam Flack had two.

Effingham trailed 17-9 after the first quarter, 42-16 at halftime and 57-19 at the end of the third quarter. The Hearts were outscored 12-8 in the fourth.

St. Elmo/Brownstown 58, Stewardson-Strasburg/Windsor 29

St. Elmo/Brownstown (SEB) defeated Stewardson-Strasburg/Windsor (WSS) in a National Trail Conference matchup, 58-29, at St. Elmo High School.

Cade Schaub led the Eagles (12-3, 3-1 league) with 19 points (6 of 10 shooting), three rebounds, three steals and one assist. Josiah Maxey had nine points (4 of 4), four steals and one assist. Lowell Wilhour had eight points (3 of 7), four rebounds and one steal. Brody Mason had six points (2 of 4), two rebounds, one steal and one assist. Adam Atwood had six points (3 of 7), seven rebounds, five steals and four assists. Collin Maxey had six points (2 of 5), three rebounds and three steals. Vadim Plum had two points (0 of 2), two rebounds and two assists and Cameron Taylor had two points (1 of 3), one steal and one block.

As for the Hatchets (8-10, 1-2 league), Jackson Gurgel led with 13 points. Connor Manhart had six. Brody Bible had four and Nathaniel Gracey and Blayzz Verdyen each had three.

SEB led 22-8 after the first quarter. The Eagles outscored WSS 21-5 in the second. The Hatchets tied SEB at 11 in the third and outscored the Eagles 5-4 in the fourth.

Louisville (North Clay) 79, Beecher City/Cowden-Herrick 64

North Clay defeated Beecher City/Cowden-Herrick (CHBC) in a National Trail Conference matchup, 79-64, at North Clay High School.

Cody Zimdars led the Cardinals (5-8, 1-2 league) with 28 points. Carder Walden had 14. Jesse Weidner had 13. Gavin Hosselton had 11. Ethan Kuenstler had nine and Mason Byers and Garon Bailey each had two.

As for the Bobcats (6-10, 1-3 league), Clayton Wojcik had 23 points. Wyatt Rueff had 11. Carson Evans and AJ Radloff each had 10. Kaidyn Calame had nine and Gage Lorton had one.

North Clay led 21-18 after the first quarter, 37-29 at halftime and 62-40 at the end of the third quarter. CHBC outscored the Cardinals 24-17 in the fourth.

Neoga 55, Martinsville 39

Neoga defeated Martinsville, 55-39, at Martinsville High School.

Trey Sheehan led the Indians (4-12) with 12 points. Landon Titus had 10. Carter Young, Luke Keller and Gavin Ray each had six. James Bullock had four and Braydon Letterle had two.

Neoga led 8-6 after the first quarter, 24-22 at halftime and 37-26 at the end of the third quarter. The Indians outscored Martinsville 18-13 in the fourth.

Toledo (Cumberland) 50, Hume (Shiloh)/Kansas-Oakland 43

Cumberland defeated Hume (Shiloh)/Kansas-Oakland (Tri-County) in a Lincoln Prairie Conference matchup, 50-43, at Waldrip Gymnasium at Cumberland High School.

Blake McMechan led the Pirates (7-11, 1-2, league) with 14 points. Kelby Bierman had eight. Kaleb Bierman had seven. Kade McMechan and Reed Miller each had six. Zack Harmon, Zach Buescher, Grady Jones and Cameron Roedl each had two and Isaac Venatta had one.

Cumberland trailed 12-8 after the first quarter, 23-20 at halftime and 31-29 at the end of the third quarter. The Pirates outscored Tri-County 21-12 in the fourth.

Farina (South Central) 61, Cisne 49

South Central defeated Cisne, 61-49, at South Central High School.

Westin Neilson led the Cougars (9-8) with 21 points. Seth Bergmann had 13. Callaway Smith had nine. Kage Hiestand and Max Magnus each had seven and Jacob Smith had four.

South Central led 16-11 after the first quarter, 35-23 at halftime and 45-38 after the third quarter and outscored the Runnin' Lions 16-11 in the fourth.


Carbondale Murdale Invitational

Effingham competed at the Murdale Invitational hosted by Carbondale High School. The tournament started on Friday.

Mason Bushue went 0-3 at 120 pounds, losing to Harrisburg's Rocko Neal (pinfall, 1:08), Centralia's Cameron Haake (pinfall, 1:20) and Fairfield's Jedd Wellen (pinfall, 1:47).

Kaiden Stewart went 1-3 and finished in eighth place at 126 pounds. He defeated Benjamin Kale from McCracken County, Ken. (pinfall, 5:03) and lost to Harrisburg's Tony Keene (pinfall, 1:13), Centralia's Nate LeCrone (pinfall, 1:46) and Anna-Jonesboro's Daylon McNelly (decision, 13-17).

Baker Moon went 2-3 and finished in eighth place at 138 pounds. He defeated Carbondale's Anthony Miller (pinfall, 1:24) and Harrisburg's Kadyn Cummins (decision, 13-2) and lost to Mt. Vernon's Dillon White (decision, 0-17), Anna-Jonesboro's Daniel Dover (decision, 2-17) and Marion's Hunter Gibb (decision, 6-20).

Saul Ellis went 3-2 and finished in seventh place at 150 pounds. He defeated Salem's Cooper Lobek (pinfall, 3:45), Centralia's Russell Tate (decision, 8-7) and Breese Central's Matthew Walsh (decision, 13-8). He lost to Highland's Tyson Rakers (pinfall, 3:42) and Murphysboro's Gage Boucher (decision, 1-3).

Trent Reardon went 1-4 at 157 pounds. He defeated Herrin's Dominic Khoshaba (pinfall, 4:03). He lost to Harrisburg's Briar Butler (pinfall, 1:54), Chatham Glenwood's Jullian Rammelkamp (pinfall, 1:17), Carlyle's Russell Shepard (pinfall, 3:39) and Olney Richland County's Brandon Wegner (pinfall, 52 seconds).

Gage Emmerich went 2-2 at 165 pounds. He defeated Redbud's Connor Bumann (pinfall, 26 seconds) and Belleville Althoff Catholic's Jakobi Tow (pinfall, 1:24). He lost to East St. Louis' Corey Robinson (pinfall, five minutes) and Harrisburg's Zeaden Batte (pinfall, 2:30).

Clinton Metcalf went 2-2 at 175 pounds. He defeated Centralia's Hunter Nichols (pinfall, 55 seconds) and Pinckneyville's Liam Baker (pinfall, 4:10). He lost to Herrin's Aaron Ragsdale (pinfall, 1:16) and Benton's Peyton Robinson (pinfall, 1:12).

Jeremiah Lorton went 1-2 at 215 pounds. He defeated Olney Richland County's Jashaun McKinley (pinfall, 3:32). He lost to Herrin's Logan Dirden (decision, 5-9) and Cahokia's Quinterrous Jones (decision, 3-4).

Trenton Patterson was in the final weight class, 285 pounds, and went 3-1. He defeated Johnston City's Marcus Smith (pinfall, 3:23), Olney Richland County's Jonathan Inskeep (pinfall, 1:24) and Cahokia's Kevin Howard (pinfall, 2:36). He lost to Fairfield's Bentley Rogers (pinfall, 1:46).