'Squad needs a complete overhaul'

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We asked for your thoughts after Rangers' title challenge all but ended with defeat at Celtic Park.

Here's a taste of what you had to say:

William: Rangers are way behind Celtic because they've had much better coaches and recruitment for a long time. Something really seismic has to happen to make that change.

Anon: The team’s inability to take on the manager's obvious advice is enough to warrant a removal of the old guard in the summer. An infuriating end to the season and the summer rebuild under Philippe Clement will be exciting, I hope.

Ben: We're miles behind Celtic. There are maybe three players I would keep under any circumstances, and wouldn't be sad to see any of the rest go. We never look like having the threat they do, both in Old Firm and other league games. A big summer ahead.

Sam: Majority don't stand up for the club. If they go on and lose the Scottish Cup we will have a team of losers.

Anon: Season is over now. Limped to the finish line. Squad needs a complete overhaul. Start some of the young boys in the last few games and see if they are good enough going forward. It's time for a summer clearout and get rid of all the passengers.

Margaret: If we had bought Lawrence Shankland in January, we wouldn’t be in this position.