The Spurs’ new H-E-B commercials are out, and they’re predictably great (Video)

In our San Antonio Spurs season preview, which ran earlier today, I suggested that one good reason to watch Spurs games this season — besides all the fantastic basketball the reigning Western Conference champions are likely to produce, of course — is to check out the new crop of commercials that the Spurs recently shot for San Antonio supermarket chain H-E-B. The team has a longstanding relationship with H-E-B, with stars Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili, a rotating cast of role players, and even coach Gregg Popovich loosening up and showing some personality to make little jokes in the process of promoting products like ice cream, drinkable yogurt, "the world's most perfect milk" and fully cooked brisket.

Not only are the spots a hit in San Antonio, but as Dan McCarney of the San Antonio Express-News wrote Tuesday, "the NBA distributes copies [of them] to other franchises as an example of how to market athletes." Seriously — the NBA tells other teams to be more like the Spurs when it comes to marketing their athletes. That's how sweet these commercials are, and that's why I want you to watch them, and that's why you should click on the clips below, because H-E-B just released them on Friday afternoon.

Here's a spot called "Laundry Sorting," showcasing the newest addition to the Spurs' commercial family — everybody's favorite rising star swingman, Kawhi Leonard, who (as you might have heard) has big hands:

This one's called "Splendid," and really takes advantage of how fancy and classy noted international playboys Parker and Ginobili can be:

Visit H-E-B's site for two more, and to vote for your personal favorite. Keep these in mind the next time someone complains to you about how boring, humorless and personality-devoid the Spurs are; as it turns out, when they're around their friends in a ridiculous setting, they're pretty funny dudes.

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