Can you spot the rattlesnake? Property inspector almost didn’t

Rattlesnakes are masters of camouflage and some are more difficult to spot than others.

Can you spot the rattlesnake in the accompanying image? (Answer at bottom of post.)

Photo: Rattlesnake Solutions

The image was captured in Casa Grande, Arizona, by Rattlesnake Solutions, which explained Sunday on Facebook that it took a while for one of its inspectors to locate the snake:

“Even Marissa missed this one, walking past it a few times before spotting the snake on a recent property inspection in Casa Grande. Captured and relocated safely.”

Some followers spotted the snake quickly, while others required a period of visual adjustment before locating the venomous reptile.

“Took me forever to find it and I’m glad it was seen by others before it was stepped upon by ‘anything,’ one follower wrote.

“So easy to have missed this snake, the blend-into-its-surroundings is crazy cool,” reads another comment.

A frustrated follower chimed in: “Still can’t find it.”

The image was reminiscent of another photo shared by Rattlesnake Solutions in 2021, showing a rattlesnake camouflaged in an Arizona man’s yard. Click here to test you spotting skills.

Meanwhile, the Casa Grande rattlesnake relocated by Marissa is circled in red below:

Photo: Rattlesnake Solutions

Story originally appeared on For The Win