SportsTalk Live Podcast: Remembering the life and career of Jerry Sloan

David Haugh, KC Johnson and Chuck Garfien join Laurence on the panel. 

Former Bulls great Jerry Sloan has died.  The guys look back at the life and career of "The Original Bull" both as a player and coach. 

Meanwhile, Isiah Thomas keeps talking. He said the Jordan Bulls weren't his competition in the 80s.

Later, NASCAR on NBC analyst Kyle Petty join Laurence to talk about NASCAR's return. They discuss how tough it is for the drivers and teams to compete under social distancing guidelines. Plus, they talk about how NASCAR can take advantage of being the only game in town. 

Finally, "The Last Dance" is over. The guys talk about how they'll be spending their Sunday nights. 

0:00 - Former Bulls great Jerry Sloan. The guys look back at the life of "The Original Bull."

5:00 - Isiah Thomas says Michael Jordan's Bulls weren't his main competition in the 80's. Is this Zeke trying be the heel again?

9:30 - NASCAR on NBC's Kyle Petty joins Laurence to talk about the only professional sport being played in the USA at the moment. He talks about how much the social distancing rules are affecting teams and how hard it is to do 3 races in 9 days. 

19:00 - Sadly, there are no new episodes of "The Last Dance". So how are we going to spend our Sunday nights?

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SportsTalk Live Podcast: Remembering the life and career of Jerry Sloan originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

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