Sports: Van defeats Brownsboro for playoff spot

Feb. 17—In a playoff game in Athens Texas, the Van Vandals defeated the Brownsboro Bears for the fourth and final district playoff spot. The final score was 39-23. Bears head coach Brent Smith stated," I hate it for our seniors, but sometimes the ball just doesn't go in the bucket. Good luck to our seniors in the future, and I hope our underclassmen come back with a passion. "

The first quarter seemed to set the tone for the entire game. Rowe for the Vandals, scorched the nets for 14 points and a three pointer. The Vandals were 6 for 7 from the line, and had double figures in offensive rebounds. The Bears hustled and played hard defense. They only hit 6 out of 12 free throws. Childers did have one three pointer for the Bears. It seemed the Bears were just getting ready to bust out offensively, but Van led 17-13 at halftime.

The second half was the same story as the first. Not much scoring, but the Vandals continued to make their free throws (16 for Van, 8 for Brownsboro for the game)The third quarter score was 30-21, Van. The Bears just couldn't get it to fall in the hole. The final score was 39-23.

Outstanding players in the game were definitely Rowe(offensively)and Moffatt, who was all over the court harassing the Bears for the Vandals. Baker(blocks and paint defense) and Fulgham with tremendous hustle, especially in the second half for the Bears.

Bears scoring: 7- 6- 8- 2 23

Vandals scoring: 10-7-10-9 39

Bears Scoring: Baker-5 Delaney-8 Childers-3 Fulgham-1 Peacock-2 Dawson-5 Shaw-

Vandal scoring: Rowe-23 Flodder-3 Loosier-8 Jones- Moffat-2 Hinch-5