Sports Speak Up: Why sit players with four fouls?

Mar. 7—Foul play

I can't understand why coaches, Richard Pitino included, bench their players for extended periods when they get four fouls. No one has a crystal ball to say how long that player can go before getting their fifth foul. Every game we finish there are several players finishing with four fouls. How much playing time did we sacrifice? You may get the rest of the game, or maybe a few minutes. But, you are guaranteed to get the maximum minutes of play. If they are playing well, take them out, let them cool off, and then put them right back in, full speed ahead.

Robert J. Gherardi

UNM men's basketball

The Boise State game exposed the Lobos' weaknesses. We had no answer for their more physical front court and Boise was definitely the better team. Looking ahead, Pitino will have to recruit another Morris Udeze to help JT Toppin (assuming he stays), but the loss of Jaelen House to graduation will be huge. Regardless of whether House has had been on or not, he has unquestionably been the heart and soul of this year's team. He has been so fun to watch and will be greatly missed.

Bob Ferguson

Praise for Pistol Pete

Congratulations to Iowa's Caitlin Clark — 3,685 points is quite an achievement, and she had to average more than 28 points a game in 130 games to set the all-time college basketball scoring record. Let us not forget, however, that the player whose mark she broke — Pistol Pete Maravich — averaged more than 44 points a game in only 83 games to tally 3,667 — and Pistol Pete couldn't have made a three-point shot even if he wanted to, as there was no such thing when he was playing for LSU more than half a century ago.

Jack Bowers

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