Sports Speak Up: Super Bowl, violent sports a travesty

Feb. 11—Violent sports

I would be ashamed as hell to watch the Super Bowl, boxing, mixed martial arts, and all violent sports! The donated brains of 110 out of 111 dead former NFL players had serious brain disease. Why do many mothers and fathers watch and cheer as their son bruises and bloodies another man? Why are millions of mothers and fathers proud of their sons severely injuring themselves and other men for money, fame and awards?

— Don Schrader

Sick's Pack

With respect, I would like to add one more name to Sick's Pack's list of NM coaching legends. One of the top player/coaching legends in NM is Lenny Roybal. Lenny is the younger brother of the all-time great Lobo basketball player, Toby Roybal.

— Richard Pflueger

NM Ice Wolves

It was a nice idea to introduce New Mexico schoolchildren to ice hockey, a great sport that they are probably not familiar with; and it may have been more educational than other field trips. But perhaps the trip could have been done outside of school hours. Given how poorly they read and write, the children would be better served by spending classroom time learning the three Rs.

— Richard Blumenfeld


1.) Sports Speak Up has returned after an approximate six month absence with only several weeks left in the UNM basketball season (it never should have been put on hiatus). It's on a trial-run (never a slow time for reader commentary in this sports-crazed state). The Journal has stated that the Mountain West Conference standings and schedule will be printed only on Fridays — and other days as space allows (seems as though it would be priority one to have it often, given that UNM is in the hunt for the conference championship and local fans want to keep up with the rest of the conference teams as well).

2.) A Boise State player stated that it was nice to silence the Pit crowd. Maybe the Pit (West) crowd will have another opportunity at the Mountain West Tournament in Las Vegas to make some noise, should another UNM-BSU match-up occur.

3.) Also, how about first year coach Jake Harrington's UNM men's golf team going to Tucson and winning the National Invitational Tournament while taking out Arizona, Arizona State and BYU with a school record 51 under par. What a great accomplishment.

— John O'Mara

Mountain West basketball

Nevada getting a much-needed home OT win over San Diego State is just another indication on how hard it will be for top tier MW men's basketball teams to separate themselves from the rest. Road wins against the top tier is going to definitely set the stage for MW Tournament. Lobos don't have an easy road schedule left. So, if they're as good as folks think, now's the time to show their stuff. Lobos will need to not get too one-dimensional or I'm afraid they'll be left out in the cold. A solid plan B is needed when the outside shots aren't going down. Dent driving yes, but solid play from others and keeping out of foul trouble.

— Lindsey Evans

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