Sports: Chiefs deliver on dramatic NFL weekend

Jan. 23—From Saturday to the final minute of the Chiefs and Bills game on Sunday night, the NFL divisional round gains were riveting entertainment.

It seems to me the league is filled with young quarterbacks who are at any given time able to take over the game and lift their team to victory.

Patrick Mahomes hung up another playoff skin when Kansas City overtook Josh Allen and Buffalo, 27-24. The Chiefs fumbled away a chance to grab a 10 point cushion in the 4th quarter then, watched as a late Bills attempt at a tying field goal sailed just wide to the right.

Allen was impressive, especially early, with sharp passes and runs that often put a dagger in the Chief's defense. You can easily see a Super Bowl in his future, but for how he has to deal with his third straight narrow playoff loss to Mahomes.

Of course, any Chief's game is not complete without the continuing rom-com involving tight end Travis Kelce and his celebrity girlfriend Taylor Swift.

We were reminded in the game that Kelce can still haul in passes at critical points of the game even though his mind is often on Swift. When Kelce scored on a Mahomes pass, then looked into the stands while he formed a heart with his hands, I was moved to tears by this and missed the next few minutes of action while I regained my composure.

To tell the truth, I think the cameras could cut back on all of the shots of Taylor celebrating whenever Kelce makes a six-yard catch. They can also cut back on those pictures of guys without shirts with their chests painted in team colors. In fact, of the two, I prefer Swift.

Honestly, I've seen Kelce, Mahomes and Coach Andy Reid in so many commercials, when the games come on I have to remind myself that they are real people. And they're really good at football.

The defending Super Bowl Chiefs are good enough to return to the AFC Championship Game Sunday, against the Baltimore Ravens, who many see as the best team in the league. Couple Lamar Jackson with the smothering Ravens defense and you have a daunting road task for KC.

Can Mahomes, who is not only an amazing athlete, but a bit of a magician, guide his team to an upset? The Ravens are favored by 3-and-a-half points.

I won't be betting on the game, but I am thinking of bundling my home and car insurance.