Sport Oregon unveils new website and brand video

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"There is no better place in the world for sports than here in Oregon."

The tagline above is featured on Sport Oregon's new website and new brand video, which was unveiled this week, showcasing the organization's mission to positively impact Oregon's economy and quality of life through sports based tourism.

Additionally, Sport Oregon hopes to highlight Oregon's emerging status on the global sports stage.

"As a dynamic organization committed to driving economic growth and enhancing the quality of life in our region through sports, we are thrilled to continue advancing our focused efforts to generate an even greater impact," said Jim Etzel, CEO of Sport Oregon. "We are uniquely positioned to make a difference, and the launch of a new website and brand video for Sport Oregon is reflective of our progressive approach and our uniform efforts to showcase all the terrific things our state has to offer through sports, today and in the future."

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Sport Oregon (formerly the Oregon Sports Authority) has served as the state's sports economic development arm since 1993, injecting more than $350 million into Oregon's economy through sports tourism, and promoting access to sports participation for youth through the Organization's foundation. In 2019 the organization rebranded from the Oregon Sports Authority to Sport Oregon to usher in the next era of the organization with a more contemporary brand identity better positioned to galvanize community, business, and government support of the organization's growing and accelerated efforts to bring the highest level of sport to Oregon. Sport Oregon and NBC Sports NW partnered to virtually host the 68th annual Oregon Sports Awards from May 18-June 3rd on NBC Sports NW and Rip City Radio 620AM.

To view the new website and brand video and learn more about Sport Oregon, visit

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