‘Spider-Man’ schools playground ballers with sick handles, disappointing lack of web fluid (Video)

Childhood Dan Devine (let's call him "Li'l Dan") is beside himself with glee at the prospect of watching His Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man cook dudes on the playground. Grown-up Dan Devine (let's call him "Dan") is a little more worldly and understands that this is just a let's-get-viral video clip featuring famous streetballer Grayson "The Professor" Boucher — whom you might remember from the AND1 Live Tour back in the day — showcasing his skills in a costume for the purposes of promoting his YouTube channel, website and general exhibition-friendly talents.

You know what? I'm sick of Dan. Let's let Li'l Dan have the day and enjoy a fantasy world in which Spider-Man is not only awesome at basketball due to his super-powers, but actually dribbles (unlike Andrew Garfield) and doesn't get taken down by two little kids on the court (like Andrew Garfield). This is better, even if it doesn't include web-shooters. (Or Emma Stone.)

Hat-tip to Logan Rhoades at BuzzFeed Sports.

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