Spencer Hawes rode his Segway around Philadelphia 76ers’ practice (PHOTO)

Ball Don't Lie

Looking good, Spencer Hawes. It's nice to see that you're not bored with (what appears to have been one of) your Christmas gifts after a month of playing with it, although I'm not entirely sure the Philadelphia 76ers love the precedent you're setting of bringing your toys to work. If they let you do it, then soon Nick Young's going to want to bring all his G.I. Joes in, and that's a recipe for disaster. You can't pay attention in Coach Collins' film session if everyone's arguing over who gets to be Snake Eyes and who gets to be Storm Shadow.

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The still shot's obviously goofy and great, but I wish we could see more of Hawes in motion — there's a brief (unfortunately not-playing-nice-with-our-publishing-system) clip of him exiting the practice gym, and he looks like he's handling it pretty well, so I'd love to see him tooling around a bit more. The better he gets at it, the more likely he is to spread the green-transportation gospel to his teammates; we've already know he's gone out on a Segway tour with Evan Turner, and we already know the Sixers' front office is looking for every possible way to reduce the stress on Andrew Bynum's haunted legs. Just a bit more Hawes evangelizing and Philly'll be rolling around like Team USA in Barcelona. Well, a version of Team USA that is eight games under .500 and has lost eight of its last 10, but still.

A modest proposal, NBA Powers that Be: Between events on All-Star Saturday Night, while the event crew's taking down one apparatus and preparing another, how about we get Hawes out on the floor for a race with noted Segway driver and fellow 7-foot goofball JaVale McGee? It'd be in the spirit of the East vs. West theme you're going for, and we all know that you guys have done offbeat races before. This would be roughly three times as the Shooting Stars Competition, and it wouldn't take nearly as long. Just think about it, OK?

Hat-tips to Chris Vito of the Delaware County Daily Times and Liberty Ballers' Michael Levin.

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