Speech and debate win Western A title

Jan. 21—The Columbia Falls Speech and Debate team won the Western A Divisional title Saturday in Stevensville in convincing fashion, outpacing rival Whitefish 236-136. Stevensville was third with 55 points.

"The last few weeks were tough for the kids with school and practices canceled for weather, while also juggling their final exams," coach Dawn Roe said. "These amazing kids did not let that get in their way. Out of 11 events for speech and debate, we placed divisional champs in seven of the events. The Wildcats qualified competitors into all events for the state tournament next week with 29 entries."

The Cats host the state tournament next Friday and Saturday.

They have yet to lose a meet to a class A opponent this season.

Taking first in their events were:

Lucas Counts and Kajsa Mohr — Duo Interpretation

Sage Petioni — Extemporaneous

Kory Moran — Humorous Interpretation

Sage Petioni — Impromptu

Ruby Davis — Informative

Chris Daenzer and Quinn Caudle, — Public Forum Debate

Kynsleigh Gould and Eleanor Hollingsworth — in Policy Debate

Additionally, the following placed in their events:

Carson Settles and Reed Wollenzien, 2nd in Duo Interp

Lauren Rogers and Boone Shanks, 2nd in Policy Debate

Kajsa Mohr, 3rd in Humorous Interp

Eleanor Smiley, 3rd in Memorized Public Address

Kendal Moultray and Zoe Roemer, 3rd in Policy Debate

Logan Peterson, 4th in Humorous Interp

Reed Wollenzien, 4th in Dramatic Interp

Ruby Davis and Makinzie Taylor, 4th in Duo Interp

Selah Heinzen, 4th in Extemporaneous

Carson Settles, 4th in Informative

Eleana Dorr, 5th in Original Oratory

Melody McNally, 5th in Lincoln Douglas Debate

Eleanor Smiley, 6th in Impromptu

Ivy Salmon, 6th in Lincoln Douglas Debate

Colton Little and Logan Emerson, 6th in Public Forum Debate

Merell Cooley, 7th in Memorized Public Address

Lorelai Dekay, 8th in Dramatic Interp

Olivia McCarley, 8th in Impromptu

The following students also qualified for the State team:

Nalani Rivera — Lincoln Douglas Debate, Keian Moran andMalakai Shaw — Public Forum Debate, Lucas Counts — Extemporaneous, Kira Shanks — Memorized Public Address