Spectator with sign causes massive crash at Tour de France

The Tour de France descended into chaos Saturday after a careless fan caused a massive crash at the event when their sign hit one of the riders.

The fan was posing for the camera with the sign, and not watching the race when a rider collided with the sign.

With all the riders packed so close together, the impact of the crash was massive.

At least one bike was damaged as a result of the crash. It's unclear whether any riders were seriously injured in the incident.

Tour de France 2021.
A fan caused a massive crash during the 2021 Tour de France. (Photo by Tim de Waele/Getty Images)

Tour de France started Saturday

The Tour de France kicked off Saturday, and will run through July 18. The event will feature 21 days of biking and two rest days.

The event, which usually begins in June or July, was pushed back to August last year as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. With vaccines available and COVID figures dropping globally, the event was moved back to June in 2021.

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