This special, and stylish, cat wears sunglasses wherever she goes

Sweet Spot

Meet one of the coolest cats, Bagel — yes, like the breakfast food. Her mom, Karen McGill adopted the adorable kitty when she was 2 months old. Bagel was sadly born without eyelids and needed several surgeries during her first year of life. The cat’s eyes are still very sensitive. In order for Bagel to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors, McGill came up with an idea. She decided to get her sweet pet special sunglasses.

The cool accessory was a hit! Not only is it fashionable, it helps to protect Bagel’s eyes. “People usually laugh when they see her in her sunglasses,” McGill told the Dodo. “They think it’s really cool, but then I explain why she has to wear them and then they tell me that they just thought she was being fashionable.” Stylish bragging rights are definitely a perk to rocking those sunnies.

Now, Bagel can play outside and enjoy one of her favorite activities, swinging. She also goes swimming with her dog friends, and in the winter she matches her stylish shades to a cute outfit. “Bagel is truly the ultimate diva,” McGill said.

With 118,000 Instagram followers, this fashionable feline is living her best life. Way to be you, Bagel!

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