'Special groups do special things together'

Leicester City players celebrate with Enzo Maresca after winning the Championship title
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BBC Radio Leicester's Jack Rafferty and former Foxes winger Matt Piper have been discussing the "togetherness" between Enzo Maresca, his backroom staff and his players on the When You're Smiling podcast.

Rafferty said: "Pre-match, we were hearing Enzo Maresca talking about those pictures of members of the squad round his house, watching the Leeds game and celebrating when promotion was confirmed.

"We were taking the mick saying, 'Oh yeah Enzo, you told us in your pre-match press conference that you were going to have a quiet night-in with the family and you were going to have some pizza.

"But he said that the players just turned up. He didn't invite them - they didn't pre-arrange it - the players just rocked up on his doorstep!

"I think that is just another sign of that togetherness, not just amongst the players but with the staff and hierarchy as well."

Piper added: "There has been adversity this season and that has probably brought the group even closer together. The things that have happened off the pitch, financially, will have brought the group together.

"We went on a real poor run, only winning one in six [games], but all of a sudden great teams, great squads, great managers come together. They fight through that adversity.

"Leeds can say that they are the best team in the league all they want, but when it got tough for them the wheels actually did fall off. We pulled together and fought through that adversity.

"I think we have to listen to what some of the players are saying and what the manager is saying because it is unheard of.

"I have never heard of players inviting themselves round to their manager's house to have a party because they have been promoted.

"When we won the Premier League, it was Jamie Vardy's house. Was Claudio Ranieri there? I don't think he was.

"Special groups do special things together - and this is definitely a special group."

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