Speaking Of WAP, This Brand Is Giving Away 200 Free Bottles Of Lube

Bella Gerard
·1 min read

September is here, and that means Sexual Health Month is in full swing! Celebrate by treating yourself to some free lube, will ya? ICYMI, GoLove CBD’s free lube giveaway is the perfect opportunity to snag a full-size bottle of the brand’s highly-praised lube for absolutely free. No catch! Just WAP!

If you’re unfamiliar with GoLove, you might not know how much people love their CBD Intimate Lubricant, which boasts a hypoallergenic, water-based formula and 200mg of organic CBD. If you’ve never considered using CBD down there, it’s time to think again: why not reap the therapeutic benefits? We all know what a bummer painful sex can be, and no one should have to experience it when the right lube can be a quick...

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