Space-saving storage hack for your earrings

Here’s how you can keep all of your jewelry organized and in one place.

Video Transcript

LISA AZCONA: If you love earrings like me and want to keep your collection organized, this storage hack will help you keep them in pristine condition and save you plenty of space too.


What's up, guys? It's Lisa, and this is "In The Know" [INAUDIBLE] pretty beautiful. Today I'm going to show you an easy way to store your earrings, so you can keep them all in one place. All you'll need is a jewelry organizer with a hanger, like this one.

I bought this one on Amazon. It has 56 clear pockets so you can easily see what you saw in them, it's dual-sided, and you can actually zip up the individual compartments so your jewelry doesn't fall out, which is honestly incredible. Once all of your earrings are in there, all you have to do is hang it up in your closet.

My favorite part about this jewelry organizer is that it barely takes up any space. It's also a great way to store and display your jewelry and it helps you protect your earrings from getting lost or damaged. Not only do I always know where my earrings are when I need them, but it's super useful when I want to travel because I can just put the whole bag in my suitcase. I hope this hack was helpful. Thank you so much for watching.