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----------------- TOM PETTY

In the last day before South Carolina officially began its College World Series, it was another day of cloudy weather (shocker) but loose expressions (not so much). During practice, the Gamecocks were loose and avoiding the pressure of the situation, approaching it as if it were just another day.

Of course, it's not, but I'm not going to be the one to tell them how to approach the College World Series. Although I'm a rather superstitious sort, they seem to have their mojo working this time of year.

* I concentrated on speaking to a lot of the lesser-known guys on Friday, for some stories I have planned for the week. Too much talk spoils the surprise, so just stay tuned to the site.

* My first celebrity sighting — sort of. Author, uber-reporter and friend Travis Haney dropped by practice, fresh from Oklahoma City where he caught Game 2 of the NBA Finals. He said he couldn't miss Michael Roth's potential last start.

* The evening's entertainment was provided by The Hold Steady at The Waiting Room Lounge. The area around there reminds me of Athens, Ga., if it was compressed into one street, without the university there. Great show, great venue. I highly recommend it. Lead singer Craig Finn looks like a cross between Neil Sedaka and Peter Sellers, but throws himself around the stage like Mick Jagger. It's the next personification of "nerd rock," from Elvis Costello to Devo to Weezer to this.

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