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"Looks like,
We're in for nasty weather."

South Carolina streaks that are alive in Omaha:

* 21 straight postseason wins
* 11 straight College World Series wins
* 218 (and counting) events marred by rain

Does it seem that way to anyone else?

The Gamecocks brought the rain with them to Omaha, having the last half of their Thursday practice moved indoors due to the oncoming threat of severe weather. It would have been an "Oh, well" moment if it didn't keep happening.

It was gloomy during the preparation for the opening ceremony, but the clouds were the kids in the backseat on a long car ride while Mother Nature shrieked, "You should have gone before we left!" But then they called off the ceremony off anyway due to the threat of severe weather, and then pulled an unfathomable sin by playing Milli Vanilli's "Blame it on the Rain" as they made the announcement to the stadium.

The storm rolled in, looking twice as threatening due to the sky never-ending in Nebraska, and nothing to stop it (this is what makes you appreciate trees and mountains). I was kept with up-to-the-half-minute updates on the storm's severity by unlicensed meteorologist Paul Collins, who is always tuned to either the weather, a cup of yogurt or the foot-by-foot traveling schedule on his GPS, while I looked outside, said, "Damn, it's raining HARD" and stayed inside.

* Long day of practices and pressers, but worth it. Set myself up for the week, story-wise, and got some storylines to chase down. Really wondering if Florida has the mentality to get the title this year, which is why I asked Kevin O'Sullivan that very question — he replied that there's always pressure to win, not anything extra just because this group (which has been to three straight CWS) is going to splinter after this season.

* Passed up The Drover for the second straight day after I just didn't have the time to sit down and savor it. Contented myself with a bratwurst from the Blatt restaurant across the street from the ballpark. Passed by a merchandise stand and everything but Stony Brook caps was still heavily stocked.

* Kent State coach Scott Stricklin had the line of the day. Just before he sat down at the table to join Arkansas' Dave Van Horn, USC's Ray Tanner and Florida's O'Sullivan, he said, "I'm surprised you guys didn't have a little card table for me off to the side." It is curious, seeing tiny Kent State from the Mid-American Conference sharing space with the SEC heavyweights, but the Golden Flashes are a very good team and a very strong program.

* USC practices this afternoon and the first games are tonight. If I get done in time, I'll check in with the ol' Stony Brooks just to watch them and see if they have a battle cry. I can do that little wolf face with my fingers but I always did it for NC State.

* It rained all night and there's a 90 percent chance of rain today. I know a lot of folks are flying in today so hope y'all get here.

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