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"It's over when I say so."

-------------------- KENLEY YOUNG

Admit it. You thought it was over.

South Carolina had finally lost a game in the postseason and was one loss from elimination. The pitching being burned up, plus having to play two games in one day due to a rainout, then come back and play again the next day, was just too much.

All good things have to come to an end, and the Gamecocks' run was no exception. They'd been so much better than most winning teams, claiming back-to-back national championships and winning an incredible 22 straight postseason games. It couldn't last forever, and that loss to Arkansas was the beginning of the end.

The questions were flying. Why did Ray Tanner use Connor Bright instead of Erik Payne? Why pinch-hit Michael Roth? Why this? Why that?

Simple. Because he has two national championship rings, and you don't. You'd think folks would get tired of having to shut up and backpedal from their comments made in the heat of anger, but that never happens.

"Funny how much "hatred" I have gotten from "fans" but yet my followers rise. It must be a #LoveHate relationship like the game of baseball?," Adam Matthews Tweeted on Saturday, which says one helluva lot. The amount of crap that kid took from the first loss to Arkansas to doing nothing in two at-bats in the last game against Arkansas, I was about to offer him a free membership just so he could post a few pictures of his rings and reply, "You were saying?"

But all's well that ends well. USC is back in the national championship series. Why? Because the Gamecocks are used to winning, they know how to win, and that's what they do.

They'll decide when it's over. The rest of us are just here to enjoy the ride.

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