‘South Park’ asks ‘The President’ to stop creating incendiary tweets about North Korea

Superfan TV

On the “Put It Down” episode of South Park, creators called out “The President” for inciting violence with North Korea on Twitter. While never naming “The President,” his likeness and twitter handle greatly resemble Donald Trump.

In an attempt to smooth things over between the nations, a boy named Tweek Tweak sent Kim Jong Un some cupcakes. Apparently the North Korean leader enjoyed the cakes but unfortunately the kind gesture was ruined by more tweets from the president.

The president tweeted, “I know that kid Tweek. He's f**king with you, North Korea. Get a clue. I'll bet he took a dump in the batter."

The president’s tweets anger the North Korean government so much, they launch missiles over Tweeks house. Unfortunately, the president continued to incite anger.

"You really think Tweek is scared? Tweek will single handedly go to North Korea and f**k all you slanty eyed bitches doggy style.” the president tweeted in response.

Fed up with the president’s antic, the kids wrote a song called “Put It Down.” The song ask for anyone who is, or may become, president to pledge to put down their phones and stop tweeting.

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