Sources: Knicks' offseason player moves expected to take potential fit with RJ Barrett into account

Scott Thompson
·2 min read
313015278 031020 RJ BARRETT Treated Art
313015278 031020 RJ BARRETT Treated Art

Knicks offseason rumors have already gained traction, as team president Leon Rose might be willing to make a big splash before his team even steps on the court next season. 

But sources are telling SNY's Ian Begley that RJ Barrett will be kept in mind if any move is being considered. 

Here's what he said in his most recent Knicks Mailbag: 

"One other note on the offseason approach: several people in touch with decision-makers at MSG say they expect that the Knicks will take a player’s fit with/impact on RJ Barrett into account when considering a potential move."

Potential moves that Begley is referencing is for a veteran like Chris Paul or Russell Westbrook, who both could be on the trading block. Those would be costly contracts to take on, and if they don't fit with a key cog like Barrett, it wouldn't be a smart trade. 

Of course, whoever the Knicks select in the 2020 NBA Draft will also keep Barrett and the rest of the roster in mind. Barrett was the Knicks' third overall pick in 2019, and he has showed promise with his ability to score anywhere on the floor. Improvements on both sides of his game need to be made, but Rose has faith in head coach Tom Thibodeau and his staff to bring out the best in Barrett and the rest of the youngsters. 

That's why a report like this makes sense. Yes, a veteran coming in could take valuable minutes away from some young pieces, but someone like Barrett shouldn't be hindered by that. If Paul or Westbrook did get traded to New York, Barrett's playing time shouldn't be affected at two-guard. 

We'll see what Rose and his team have in mind, but Barrett appears to be a player they have a lot of faith in to be an impact player now and down the road. Of course, that's what you hope for in a top draft pick.