Source: Luke Murray could join Dan Hurley if Hurley says yes to the Lakers

After University of Connecticut head coach Dan Hurley met with the Los Angeles Lakers on Friday, he has been mulling over whether to accept their offer, which is reportedly in the ballpark of $100 million over eight years.

It is a huge decision for himself and his family — and it likely doesn’t only have to do with basketball. Hurley, who is originally from New Jersey, has spent his life in the Northeast and has never coached in the NBA, and coming to the Lakers would mean trading in his parkas for flip-flops and swim trunks.

The 51-year-old is reportedly expected to make his decision on Monday, June 10.

According to John Fanta, who covers college basketball for Fox Sports, Huskies assistant Luke Murray, or possibly assistant Kimani Young, would join Hurley’s staff in L.A. if the latter says yes to the Lakers.

Via Fox Sports:

“The key debate, sources tell FOX Sports, would be whether associate head coach Kimani Young or assistant coach Luke Murray, the son of Hollywood legend Bill Murray, is given the job. Based on what I have heard, it looks like whoever wouldn’t get elevated would join Hurley in the NBA — especially if Murray is not named head coach, he would follow Hurley to L.A. — thus giving that person a nice concession prize and the opportunity to land a head coaching job down the road.

“Both Murray and Young have been in the running for other head coaching jobs and could have taken one by now, but their salaries at UConn and the comfort level of being on staff for a heavyweight program has kept them in Storrs.”

Murray is the son of Bill Murray, the legendary comedian and actor who has starred in movies such as “Caddyshack,” “Ghostbusters” and “Groundhog Day.” He has been an assistant under Hurley for the last three seasons and has been tasked with being the team’s offensive coordinator.

Overall, the younger Murray has been an assistant coach in the NCAA for multiple schools. He had previously served under Hurley at Wagner College and the University of Rhode Island.

Story originally appeared on LeBron Wire