Source: Commanders paid Brandon McManus the rest of his signing bonus

When the Commanders abruptly released kicker Brandon McManus, less than a week after a civil lawsuit accusing him of sexual assault came to light, a question emerged regarding his contract.

Half of his $1.5 million signing bonus had been paid. The other half was due on Friday, June 7. Would the Commanders stiff McManus and force him to fight for the money, or would they pay him and move on?

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the Commanders paid the money that was owed to McManus. (The Commanders declined comment on the matter, citing their policy of not discussing contract details.)

And so McManus received $1.5 million from the Commanders, and he never actually played in a game. He'll get to keep that money, along with whatever he makes elsewhere. If he makes anything elsewhere.

He might be regarded as untouchable until the pending case is resolved, especially since he could eventually face a suspension under the Personal Conduct Policy. Depending on how the case plays out, his career might be over.

McManus spent 2023 with the Jaguars. The assault allegedly happened on a flight from Jacksonville to London, based on the lawsuit filed by two Atlas Air flight attendants. McManus has denied the allegations.