Soundsight LLC: Using Films as Avenues for Meaningful Discussion and Change

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NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / August 6, 2020 / Soundsight LLC is a Philadelphia and Los Angeles based production company. It specializes in video marketing, advertising, and film production, combining the expertise in filmmaking and extensive knowledge of the digital space. The company produces various films with bold storytelling, cinematic value, and unparalleled creativity. Soundsight delivers what every client deserves, showcasing nothing but the best quality and passion in every detail.

The company is best known for bringing its clients' visions to life. Soundsight continues to explore innovative ways to tell stories and pushes the boundaries of filmmaking to connect to audiences. The black-owned company hopes to establish Philadelphia as an entertainment industry hub for the creation of large-scale and world-class productions.

Soundsight is founded by the talented Ashton Montague Segree, who has an extensive background and experience in the entertainment business. His previous work provides him with a unique perspective that propels Soundsight into greater heights. Ashton grew up actively

involved in the arts. His father worked at Pittsburgh Public Theater, while his mother was in the radio and broadcasting industry.

His upbringing nurtured his love for the performing arts. Eventually, Ashton manifested what he learned from his parents into his career, touring and producing music where he found early success. Ashton would juggle his time between studying in college and pursuing his professional growth. His dream eventually led him to Los Angeles, where he envisioned to broaden his horizons and work with the experts in the entertainment industry.

Today, Ashton puts his expertise to Soundsight, on a mission to use film as an avenue for meaningful discussion and change. Driven by its dedication to education and shaping the future of the industry, Soundsight offers semester-long internship programs to 25-35 passionate film and marketing students. The company works with various universities from Penn State and Temple to Rowan and Drexel. Interns are given opportunities in pre-production, production, post-production, and digital marketing.

Soundsight has also created a GoFundMe page to raise funds for the black community in support of the Black Lives Matter movement. The donations will be used toward the production of two feature films, which will be submitted to films festivals all over the world. The films will have a diverse cast and crew and tackle issues in the black community, tell black stories and strengthen the company's core mission to share socially relevant content.

The company is also initiating a petition called NoCap to elevate Philadelphia as a hotspot for the film and entertainment industry. The recent annual budget address by the Governor announced a possible budget cut for arts programs. Soundsight took the lead in advocating for the removal of the film tax cap. Doing so will allow the arts community in Philadelphia to flourish in revenue and culture at the same time.

Soundsight will continue to create content that stirs people to positively and productively impact their communities, networks, and audiences. The company's culture plays a vital role in the films that the Soundsight team produces. Passion, creativity, and a vision for change remain to be Soundsight's greatest assets. This black-owned entertainment industry hub stands today as one of the most promising film production companies in Philadelphia, and Los Angeles designed to create meaningful stories and spark change.

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