Here is a song about J.R. Smith (Video)

New York Knicks shooter J.R. Smith can be an incredibly frustrating basketball player to watch, the sort of guy with enough talent to believe himself capable of things that no physics-bound human should attempt. On the other hand, that disregard for common standards of decorum has endeared himself to a large number of fans. Sometimes, a guy who doesn't seem to care about authority and rationality can be a breath of fresh air.

He can be so praiseworthy, in fact, that a particularly big fan might just write a song in his honor. That's exactly what a performer named Milford Jerome has done with a hot track entitled "So Right (JR Smith Wrong)." Over three minutes and 45 seconds, Jerome extols the virtues of Smith's game, including his penchant for very long three-pointers and his credentials for winning the NBA's Sixth Man of the Year award.

We can only hope that Milford Jerome's song inspires more artists to record similar paeans to cult favorites. I, for one, know that I'd love to hear a noise-punk salute to Larry Sanders.

(via TBJ and Jojo Castillo, whose Twitter handle is NSFW)

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