Son proves 'kids are so honest' by answering questions about mom and dad

A little boy played the game “choose mom or dad” and the results revealed a lot about his parents. Rashel Gonzalez and Grant Eastey are a bodybuilding couple. Together they have a son named Jaxon. In February 2020, the mom and dad shared a clip of Jaxon playing a game called “choose mommy or daddy” . In the game, Jaxon is asked questions about which parent does something the most. The winning parent has to put a marshmallow in their mouth but they can’t chew it. Ultimately, Jaxon was most scared of his dad who was also on their phone the most, while mom ate the most, taught him most, cleaned the most and was declared the most fun. But when it came down to which parent Jaxon loved more, he gave both parents a marshmallow. By the end of the game, both parents’ mouths were stuffed. The adorable video received over 8.7 million views on TikTok. “Kids are so honest, haha,” one person said