Somewhere, Matt Canada is smiling after Steelers offensive struggles

When the Pittsburgh Steelers put up 400-plus yards over the Cincinnati Bengals, it certainly appeared like all was right with the world — even if they didn’t score north of 16 points. Many felt like the monkey was off Pittsburgh’s back after that game, and the offense was headed in the right direction.

To be in Matt Canada‘s shoes, watching or hearing about how the Steelers’ offense had their best game outside of his two-year coordinator tenure had to be gut-wrenching.

But it all came crashing down the following week against one of the worst teams in the NFL. And, if that wasn’t bad enough, the struggles continued into the following week — only this time on a national scale.

Somewhere, Matt Canada is smiling.

It wasn’t just him, as many fans were so quick to believe. Then what is it? Well… it’s everything. There’s not one aspect of the Steelers that you can point to and say it’s working, outside of maybe special teams.

What do the Steelers do? Unfortunately, nothing can be done at this point in the season — at least not where it truly matters as it relates to the offensive and defensive game plans. We knew that after Canada was fired, but we still held out hope.

Co-coordinators Eddie Faulkner and Mike Sullivan are stuck with what they’ve got, but they’ve still failed to put successful spins on it.

Teryl Austin is calling a miserable defensive scheme, too, to allow the Arizona Cardinals and New England Patriots to march up and down the field at will.

And, finally, what’s to be said about Mike Tomlin? Other than he’s overstayed his welcome. There’s simply too much wrong with this team to say he’s not one of the biggest problems.

Story originally appeared on Steelers Wire