Say Something Nice - N.C. State's remarkable Final Four run

Yahoo Sports' Dan Wetzel and Ross Dellenger are joined by Pat Forde of Sports Illustrated discuss the Wolfpack's wild streak from five straight wins in the ACC tournament to reaching the NCAA tournament Final Four. Hear the full conversation on the “College Basketball Enquirer” podcast - and subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you listen.

Video Transcript

DAN WETZEL: No, we've said a lot of grumpy mean things, but it's time to find our happy place and say something nice, courtesy of our friends at Prime Video. Ross, Pat, it's time to be nice. Tell me something positive about March Madness. Pat, I can start with you.

PAT FORGE: I'm ready. I'm ready. I'm going to say something positive about the Atlantic Coast Conference, which has been under siege, which has been in churn and angst and controversy and conflict. And I'll act-- frankly, I thought that the product wasn't that great this year. And they still got a team in the Final Four. And guess what? In the last three years, they have had four teams in the Final Four, and they're all different teams.

We had Duke and North Carolina in '22. We had Miami last year, and now we got NC State. They've had seven teams in the Elite Eight, and five of those are different. They've had eight in the Sweet 16, and their tourney record is 33 and 14 the last three years. So the ACC-- which really does care more about basketball than anybody other than the Big East-- those two are the bedrock basketball leagues, has showed out.

And I hope, you know, the league can find some stability and some happiness and some unity here. But even if they can't, they're still winning-- winning in basketball. They're still doing good in basketball.

ROSS DELLENGER: Hunky-- I'm sure it's all hunky dory sunshine in the ACC. I'm going to say something nice-- I'm going to stay in the ACC, say something nice about Kevin Keatts, basketball coach at NC State. Just unbelievable run right on the brink of probably being fired, what, at eighth or ninth season, I think, at the school. They went 9 and 11 this year in conference, finished 10th in the league before this run.

It's just fascinating run, and-- and hey, he's locked and loaded from getting fired to-- to getting a lot more money and having at least a Final Four banner. But what a great story. It's awesome. So kudos-- something nice at Kevin Keatts and NC State.

DAN WETZEL: I'm going to say something nice about Dalton Knecht. This guy, as a high school sophomore in the suburbs of Denver, he was 5 foot 8. And he would shoot, shoot, shoot, practice his shot, practice his shot, and tell everybody he was going to be a basketball player. And he was 5 foot 8. And he got to 6' 1" in high school, and turned out to be pretty good senior year-- really good, 21 points a game. But he still only 6' 1", and no one had recruited him. No one knew who he was.

So he goes to Northeastern Junior College in Colorado, and grows a couple more inches. And now all of a sudden, he's 6 foot 6. But nobody's recruiting Northeastern Junior College in Colorado. Then, as a senior-- much like his senior year in high school and his last year at junior college-- he blows up, 22, 20.2 points a game, has this big season. He's got an extra year of eligibility because of COVID. He goes to Tennessee and becomes the SEC player of the year and a first team All-American, and he damn near shot the Volunteers into the Final Four.

But talk about-- talk about the dream. He's a 5' 8" sophomore in high school, now he's a 6' 6" potential lottery pick, I guess. We'll see. Maybe he does get there. But what a career, and a true career of never-- nothing ever given to him, just keep building and building and building. So great job by Dalton. Great season, and good luck in the draft process.

So there you have it. We proved three guys-- three grumps-- can actually say something positive for once, for once. Thanks to Prime Video. Find your happy place and take the stress out of streaming with Prime Video.