Someone should tell Ryan Fitzpatrick it's the preseason

Ryan Fitzpatrick will never be confused with one of the NFL’s best quarterbacks.

But everybody’s favorite Harvard grad is certainly one of the game’s most entertaining.

Whether throwing for 400 yards or six interceptions, he’s almost guaranteed to put on a show. And even though it’s the preseason, he did just that on Friday night.

Fitzpatrick’s job to lose?

Despite the Dolphins trading for 2018 first-round pick Josh Rosen in the offseason, Fitzpatrick appears to have a leg up for the starting quarterback job.

Instead of finding out what he has in Rosen, Dolphins rookie head coach Brian Flores sounds intent on the 14-year-veteran with no tangible future in Miami taking the starting reins.

Fitzpatrick gets reckless

But there is one thing that would certainly give Rosen his chance to sink or swim — injury to Fitzpatrick.

Judging from his play in Friday’s preseason game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, injury seems a distinct possibility.

Ryan Fitzpatrick barreled over a defender with his throwing shoulder Friday as if the game mattered. (Getty)
Ryan Fitzpatrick barreled over a defender with his throwing shoulder Friday as if the game mattered. (Getty)

During a short stint in the second half, Fitzpatrick decided he wanted to show his running skills.

Fitzpatrick ran around the edge on a busted play to find Bucs safety Darian Stewart sizing him up in the open field. Did Fitzpatrick, a quarterback scrambling during a preseason game with absolutely nothing at all to prove on the play, slide or run out of bounds?


Fitzpatrick squared up directly into the Bucs defender with his throwing shoulder, sending Stewart tumbling to the ground before picking up another six or so yards.

Bravo, Fitzpatrick.

That was impressive. It was also a recipe to give Rosen his shot.

Rosen’s best chance?

Rosen didn’t do much to dissuade Flores from starting Fitzpatrick Friday in a pedestrian 10-for-18 effort for 102 yards and no touchdowns. He did make a nice 22-yard completion out of a broken play.

But it may take an injury to Fitzpatrick to see him on the field to start the regular season.

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