Someone has drawn up a 'Pray 4 Rose' mural in Chicago, as Derrick Rose recovers

Someone has drawn up a 'Pray 4 Rose' mural in Chicago, as Derrick Rose recovers

This, via the kind folk at Reddit, is what recently went up underneath Chicago’s semi-famed Fullerton Underpass:

(Via Reddit.)
(Via Reddit.)

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I think we can all agree that this is a little over the top.

Derrick Rose recently underwent surgery to repair a re-torn meniscus, as many NBA players have done over the last few years. The brilliant Russell Westbrook, in fact, has undergone two follow-up surgeries in the wake of the torn meniscus he suffered during the 2013 NBA playoffs. It’s true that bad luck and the timing of Rose’s injuries has made it so that he essentially had to skip out two NBA seasons, but he will likely be back this NBA season and at full strength sometime in the summer.

Derrick Rose is not a martyr, he does not deserve a crown of thorns, and he has not passed away. He also doesn’t even need crutches, as Rose walked out of his most recent surgery on his own.

Chicago is home to alarming strains of gun violence, as both Rose and teammate Joakim Noah have discussed repeatedly, with Noah even producing a documentary pitched to help draw attention to and possibly curb what feels like an unending stream of senseless deaths:

It’s just fine for some apparently well-meaning artists to have a little fun, fun drawn up at the same site as the Virgin Mary stain from a decade ago, and the layout of the shrine is impressive.

It’s also a little tone deaf, considering what is going on a little further south in Derrick Rose’s hometown. He probably would like the prayers sent elsewhere, if you wouldn’t mind.

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