Solbiatese director eager to welcome Milan U23: “It would be a source of pride”

Solbiatese director eager to welcome Milan U23: “It would be a source of pride”
Solbiatese director eager to welcome Milan U23: “It would be a source of pride”

The general director of Solbiatese Calcio, Carmine Gorrasi, has expressed excitement at the idea of AC Milan establishing the hub of their U23 team at their stadium the Felice Chinetti.

As we reported via our colleagues at yesterday, Ancona will announce its exclusion from the next Serie C season on Friday, having finished 16th in the league last season.

It is vital news which opens the doors to Milan U23 who were waiting for a slot to become available and will therefore be officially registered from next year, barring any twists.

Milan are ready to invest €12m, including operating costs. The head coach will be Daniele Bonera, while the management of the team will be entrusted to the sporting director Jovan Kirovski. The stadium chosen is the Stadio Felice Chinetti in Solbiate Arno, just 3.5m from Milanello.

Solbiate Arno is a region Province of Varese in the Italian region Lombardy, located about 40km northwest of Milan and about 11 km south of Varese. It is very close to the Rossoneri’s training complex Milanello.

MilanNews spoke to Carmine Gorrasi who is a director at Solbiatese and he lifted the lid on when the idea of Milan playing there came about and how the news has been received.

Solbiate Arno could be the home of Milan Under 23. How did the idea come about?

“I came into contact with the AC Milan management a couple of months ago now. They came to inspect the ‘Chinetti’, also with a Lega Pro delegate. Structurally the facility lent itself to the professional category and thus the project.”

What impressions did you have?

“I have found competent people, who focus on the U23s, having understood the importance for young people of being included in the context of a professional league. The example of Juventus is there for all to see and I think that Milan’s objective is to himself, accelerate the growth of young people to prepare them for the first team.”

Will it be a long-lasting collaboration?

“We are discussing this, but we think we can think about a long-term discussion. For our part there is an advantage on a structural level because we would end up with a facility approved for the Lega Pro, Milan would find themselves playing near Milanello, which is a logistical advantage.”

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What work will be done at the Stadio Chinetti?

“There will be some structural work, including redoing the lighting system and installing 2,000 child seats. The objective, even if it is not simple, is to start the season with the structure ready.”

What would being chosen as Milan’s home mean for Solbiate Arno?

“It would be a source of pride. I thank the president Silvia Gatti and the owner Claudio Milanese, both huge AC Milan fans, as well as the intervention of the mayor Oreste Battiston, also a great Rossoneri fan. For us it would be very nice, the idea of see the champions of Milan or Italian football of the future grow here, starting with Camarda and Zeroli.”

Will there also be collaboration between the clubs?

“I hope so. We have around 250 kids and if someone were to be ready it would be nice if there was a preferential channel.”

What response do you expect from the Solbiate Arno community?

“I live here and I’ve already heard from many people ready to come and watch the Under 23s. In the end, I’m not saying that they’re all AC Milan fans, but almost.

“There are no other professional teams in the area, there’s a hunger for football. And then there is a certain tradition with Milan: I would like to remember that in the 80s and 90s the Rossoneri played their first friendly match at the Chinetti.”