Sofia Vergara gives a shocked Stephen Colbert her panties on-air

Superfan TV

Sofia Vergara panty-dropped by The Late Show With Stephen Colbert where she pointed out that if you like London, and if you like France, then you’ll love Sofia’s new underpants.

The Modern Family star surprised host Stephen Colbert when she pulled a pair of panties out from the waist of her skirt.

The panties are part of her new underwear company, EBY -- which stand for Empowered By You.

Vergara said the company provides microloans to women so they can build their own businesses. EBY donates 10% of each sale to a charity that provides the women with seed money.

Vergara said, “We're giving all these loans to women to empower them, to tell them you can make your own money, do whatever you want with it-- help your kids. Because women don't spend their money on, like, alcohol or gambling. We spend it on our kids.”

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