Social media reacts to UNC beating Louisville to go 6-0 in ACC

The UNC basketball program picked up their seventh straight win by beating Louisville in dominating fashion, but unless you were in attendance, you were busy scrolling social media to see why the game wasn’t on air yet.

It was a dream start for the Tar Heels, going on a 15-4 run once the ball tipped off. However, it was a nightmare for fans who didn’t get a chance to watch due to ESPN and ACC networks not having the feed available despite having coverage. College hoop displeasure about the lack of coverage was the highlight on social media for the first 10 minutes of waiting for the game to air.

UNC’s defense led the way in the first half, causing 10 turnovers, seven steaming from steals. Lousiville cut the lead midway through the first, with the Tar Heels going through a rough offensive stretch. Along with the tough stretch, questionable calls by the referees came into question, as play stopped numerous times, once seeing about a flagrant foul and the other wiping away an RJ Davis three.

The second half saw a scare for UNC as what many thought was a blowout waiting to happen turned into a near collapse, as the Cardinals went on a 21-9 run to cut the lead. Social media was on fire as college hoops fans couldn’t believe the run Louisville had. Questionable referring showed up once again, to everyone’s dismay.

However, UNC showed why they are the fourth-ranked team in the nation and has Duke legends admitting he would play for them. They grew the lead back to cruise control by the three-minute mark, with Jae'lyn Withersstepping up.

UNC grabbed the victory 86-70.

This game had many special moments, with Tyler Hansbrough as the color analyst, Armando Bacot moving to fourth on the all-time scoring list, and Withers giving it to his former team.

From the good, bad, and unseen, we look at how social media reacted to UNC avoiding Louisville’s comeback.

Story originally appeared on Tarheels Wire