Social media reacts to Sam Pittman returning as Arkansas head coach in 2024

Over the past few weeks, rumors and speculation regarding the future of the Arkansas football program have been dominating the conversation.

Following the firing of Texas A&M’s Jimbo Fisher and Mississippi State’s Zach Arnett last Sunday, many expected Arkansas to follow suit. To the surprise of many, they didn’t and Sam Pittman’s job seemed safe throughout the week.

During his press conferences in the week leading up to Saturday night’s 44-20 win over FIU, Pittman sounded like a coach relatively confident in their job security. Shortly before kickoff, ESPN’s Rod Gilmore reported that Pittman told them that he wasn’t getting fired this year – despite Pittman refuting Gilmore’s claim in his postgame press conference.

Fast forward to Sunday morning and numerous reports were circulating that Hunter Yurachek had let players and staff know that Pittman was returning as Arkansas’ head coach for the 2024 season. That afternoon, Yurachek confirmed those reports with a statement of his own.

As expected, a large majority of Razorback fans were not happy with this news. Many took to social media to voice their opinions and frustrations with the situation and direction of Arkansas football going forward.

Here’s some what they’re saying about Pittman remaining at Arkansas for another season.

This seems to be the general sentiment from Arkansas fans

Pittman won nine games in 2021 and hasn’t gotten close to hitting that mark again the past two seasons. It’s appearing that he has indeed peaked at Arkansas, but we’ll know for sure after next season.

Life as an Arkansas fan is "often disappointing"

With the snap of his fingers and the click of a button, Hunter Yurachek disappointed the vast majority of the Arkansas fanbase. It will be very interesting to watch how this plays out over the course of the next year.

Some feel very strongly that this is the wrong decision

It’s a fact that Arkansas football has been trending in the wrong direction over the past two years, and are near the bottom of the SEC currently. Most fans are claiming their support for the team is over. It’s up to Pittman to show them they’re wrong, but that is an unenviable job to have right now.

Paper sacks might make an appearance in Fayetteville next year

USA TODAY's Dan Wolken believes Yurachek is making a mistake

Wolken’s reasoning for this being mistake is interesting here. He goes on to state that unlike the first time around, when Pittman was hired in 2019, the coaching market is favorable for Arkansas this year. If they wait and have to make a change next year, there will likely be more competition for high-level coaches.

Are the Hogs becoming an unserious football program?

If Saturday night was any indication, Razorback Stadium could be empty

According to Andrew Hutchinson, the announced attendance for Saturday night’s game against FIU was 61,442. That is the 12th-smallest attendance since 2001, when Razorbacks Stadium was expanded. Hutch also noted that this is the smallest attendance during Sam Pittman’s tenure in Fayetteville – not counting the 2020 season which had limited attendance due to the pandemic.

A common theme among fans: not happy with Yurachek's decision

Radio personality Bobby Bones with a much different take than most

Arkansas football is at a tipping point

Is this an indictment of Arkansas' place in the football landscape?

Could money be a factor in the decision to keep Pittman for another year?

Yurachek put the rumors to bed, but could've done so last night

The response to Yurachek's post was overwhelmingly hostile and negative

Texas A&M fans are taking shots at Arkansas with the news

Does Yurachek's statement confirm that Pittman was on hot seat?

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