Social media reacts to Sam Hartman’s 76-yard TD pass to Chris Tyree

Full confession: I thought that Chris Tyree had scored the game’s first touchdown. In fact, it was Tobias Merriweather. However, it didn’t matter because it took only one quarter for Tyree to receiver a similarly long touchdown pass from Sam Hartman. In fact, it was a full yard longer than Merriweather’s reception:

You have to love how well Tyree has played in the first part of this season in his new position. You never would have known he was a running back a year ago if you had just started following the Irish this season. That’s how effective he’s been.

The question is whether Tyree will be able to sustain this for the full season. We’ll find an answer to that question in the coming weeks, but one could make similar arguments for many players on this roster that have gotten off to hot starts. Until then, here are some tweets reacting to Tyree:

Tyler Horka

Angelo Di Carlo

Domenic Clary

Joseph Rymasz

Chris Bunnell

Mike McGuire

Ryan Chepkevich

Jason Rollison

Ethan Gressley

Chris Kosiak

Greg Slusarski

Story originally appeared on Fighting Irish Wire