Social media reacts to No. 11 Oregon’s blowout loss to the No. 3 Georgia Bulldogs

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Well, that didn’t quite go as planned…

The Oregon Ducks were fired up for the start of the season on Saturday, getting a chance to go up against the defending national champion Georgia Bulldogs in one of the biggest games of the weekend.

It was competitive for all of may 20 minutes of actual time?

Georgia quickly built a lead, and thanks to a couple of costly turnovers from Ducks’ QB Bo Nix, Oregon was unable to answer. Any positive momentum that was accrued in the first quarter quickly vanished, and the route was on.

By the middle of the third quarter, Georgia was pulling its starters and giving their depth a chance to play. The game was over, and everyone just waited for the clock to run out.

That gave the internet some time to shine. Here are some of the best (and worst, for Oregon fans) reactions to the blowout:

Oregon Not Ready

Rubenstein Weighs In

That Big Ten Application...

A Bigger Beast

A Positive Look for Oregon

Unmatched Physicality

Getting Whooped

Cristobal Seeing the Future

The Return of Pac-12 Slander

Unfortunate Oregon Slander

Pick Your Mindset

Developing Talent

Georgia by the Numbers

Pulling Your Starter in the 3rd Quarter

Bad Bo Nix

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