Social media reacts to the monkey saga involving Texas coach Jeff Banks

·3 min read

The Texas football program is being mocked all over social media right now.

It’s not because they’ve lost three consecutive games where they blew double-digit leads, either. On Monday evening, rumors began to surface that a monkey who belongs to Texas special teams coordinator Jeff Banks’ girlfriend, Dani, reportedly bit a child on Halloween.

Dani immediately expressed her frustrations via Twitter and denied the allegations — to some extent. She claimed that she did not know a bite took place at the time, and if a child were to go to their backyard and see the monkey, they would have had to enter a gate that was marked ‘do not enter.”

Jeff Banks has yet to comment on the allegations, but his girlfriend’s Twitter account has now been deactivated. That hasn’t stopped fans from other teams taking advantage of the opportunity to poke fun at Texas, though.

Puns, memes, and jokes are floating around social media regarding the monkey saga that happened to go viral. When you take into account that Banks’ girlfriend was once an exotic dancer who performed with the monkey in some of her acts, it makes the story unbelievable.

Take a look at the ‘monkey gate’ that sent social media into a frenzy on Monday evening.