Social Media Reacts to the firing of Texas A&M head football coach Jimbo Fisher

Well, I’m a bit surprised, considering I believed the “power that be” would at least let Jimbo Fisher finish out the season before deciding about his future.

After six seasons leading the Aggies into games, the University officially relieved Jimbo Fisher of his duties and immediately named associate head coach Elijah Robinson as the interim head coach.

During his tenure, Jimbo Fisher will exit the program with a 45-25 record, four bowl wins, and 1 top 5 finish. Jimbo Fisher was a major factor in upgrading facilities and was a master recruiter. However, all of the administration’s success did not translate to the field as his team consistently underperformed, essentially becoming a perennial 8-4 team.

That will not cut it anymore, and Texas A&M AD Ross Bjork announced officially that after speaking with President Welsh and Chancellor Sharpe, his decision to move on from Jimbo Fisher was accepted by both.

This is a move that will make some waves on the team and on the internet. It’s been reported that the team heard the news through social media and went to Twitter to express how they felt about the move. Below, you can see some of the many reactions to the news.

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Story originally appeared on Aggies Wire