Social media reacts to Arch Manning’s first days on campus

Dreams have become reality for Texas fans. Five-star quarterback Arch Manning is a student-athlete for The University of Texas. His first month has started off with a bang.

As a rite of passage, Manning did what many college students do throughout their time in school. He lost his ID card. Only unlike most college students, when Arch loses his ID the whole world is capable of learning about it.

After finding his misplaced card, one individual on campus took to Twitter to let him know the whereabouts of his ID. The discovery unearthed Arch’s actual name, Archibald C. Manning.

Interestingly enough, another individual posted to Twitter again to let everyone know Arch did not have his ID card.

Here is a look at how social media had fun with the news.

Pocket awareness

Calm down, Outkick

Rookie mistake

Like CBS Sports didn't lose its freshman ID back in the day...

Barrett Sallee weighs in

Best name in college football

Happens to the best of us




Story originally appeared on Longhorns Wire