The Social: When crazy comes your way, just go with it

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Phil Mickelson continues to crush social media, Brett Favre’s still got “it”, Ian Poulter is a big time prankster, and good news for nice guys everywhere … they’re finishing second now.

All that and plenty more in this edition of The Social.


It’s so easy to focus on the big names near the top of the leaderboard week in and week out on the PGA Tour that you can miss the feel-good stories. Well, you won’t find many better than Zack Sucher finishing in a tie for second at the Travelers Championship.

The journeyman pro revealed afterward how deep in a financial hole he had been in after taking a medical leave from professional golf – risking his house and maxing out credit cards as he worked his way back to Sunday’s “life-changing” T-2 finish.

The Travelers also signaled a ceremonial return to social media for the runner-up, as he laid out his struggles and thanked everyone for sticking by him and for sharing his story.

Sucher had been pretty quiet on Twitter since 2017, but a few quick messages this week confirm he could possibly be the nicest guy in the world and someone worth rooting for down the road.


Even after Brett Favre’s messy break-up with the Green Bay Packers, the legendary quarterback is still loved in Wisconsin.

And even if every single cheesehead hasn’t come back around on the Old Gunslinger, one woman has enough love for Favre to make up for them, and then some.

She proved it in this viral video from the PGA Tour Champions' American Family Insurance Championship.

After nearly going into shock with a simple acknowledgement from the 49-year-old former NFL MVP, she broke into full-on hysteria when he walked over to take pictures and hold her child.

Favre was so distracted by the whole ordeal that he almost walked off with the baby ... probably because the little voice inside his head was saying something like this:


Baby Rocky do do do do do do!


Phil Mickelson’s social media is truly the gift that keeps on giving.

You’ve seen the calf workout videos … the not-so-subtle Matt Kuchar jokes … the thumb activation exercises … the ace in Jim Nantz’ backyard … but somehow, the man can’t stop one-upping himself.

Last week he was back with the very first #PhiresidewithPhil, a video series where the five-time major champ tells his followers some lesser-known stories of life on Tour while a candle burns nearby.

And ladies and gentleman, buckle up. If Mickelson’s follow-up stories are even half as good as his first one, we’re in for quite the ride.

Mickelson has officially reached the "telling minute-long poop jokes" point of his career. And if you're not here for that, don't let the door hit you on your way out.


Professional golf is full of pranksters, some better than others.

Well you can go ahead and add Ian Poulter to the list of funny guys in the pro ranks, at least according to Ian Poulter.

The 43-year-old father of four shared an Instagram video last week of a “prank” he pulled on his son, Luke, giving him a gentle nudge from behind with his foot and causing him to fall face first into a bunker.

Luke recovered from the short fall in time to immediately throw sand back in his dad’s direction and the three-time PGA Tour winner recovered from his barrel of laughs in time to drive Ferraris around Europe this week, so it’s all good in the Poulter household.

But a simple suggestion for Poults, your jokes don’t always have to be so highbrow. A kick in the back could fly right over some people’s heads. Sometimes a good old-fashioned bar of soap in the coffee will do the trick just fine.

Hey, it worked for Officer Rod Farva. And everyone loved that guy.



Anyone ever seen Brooks Koepka and Rob Gronkowski in the same place at the same time?

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