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    Jessie Simmons: How a schoolteacher became an unsung hero of the civil rights movement

    Jessie Dean Gipson Simmons, shown top center about age 37, c. 1961 [Clockwise: daughter Angela, sons Obadiah Jerone, Jr. and Carl, and husband Obadiah Jerone, Sr.; daughters Carolyn and Quendelyn are not pictured] Simmons family archives, Author providedJessie Dean Gipson Simmons was full of optimism when she and her family moved from an apartment in a troubled area of Detroit to a new development in Inkster, Michigan in 1955. With three children in tow, Jessie and her husband settled into a hom

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    How the New York media covered the Stonewall riots

    Staffers at The Village Voice were able to see the riots unfold from the news room. Osugi/Shutterstock.comThe Stonewall riots were a six-night series of protests that began in the early morning of June 28, 1969, and centered around the Stonewall Inn, a gay bar in New York City. Four days earlier, on June 24, 1969, the police, led by Deputy Inspector Seymour Pine, raided the Stonewall Inn and began arresting bar employees and confiscating liquor. But when Pine led a second raid on the 28th, patro

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    WATCH: Pittman, Fisher, players recap Arkansas' 20-10 win over Texas A

    Sam Pittman, Jimbo Fisher and several players talk about Arkansas' 20-10 win over Texas A on Saturday.