• Yahoo News Singapore

    Up to $1,000 fine for smoking at Singapore's public parks, beaches from 1 October

    This follows a three-month advisory period that began in July and will end on Friday.

  • Reuters

    Marketmind: Dysfunction and intervention

    Amid all the chaos in British bond markets, the forced intervention by the Bank of England to buy gilts has given some investors a crumb of comfort about the limits of central bank tightening. The bad news was that the BoE's extraordinary move to buy long-term gilts in a "whatever it takes" operation on Wednesday - postponing for at least a month its planned "quantitative tightening" bond sale plan, and all while it's raising interest rates - was rooted in a market malfunction that threatened the stability of the UK pension fund industry and mortgage market. If, as many believe, central banks will tighten credit to get across inflation until something breaks, then some see this week's UK moment as a note of caution for all major central banks about the limits of tightening.

  • The Telegraph

    James Hildreth interview: 'I struggle with the idea of playing for multiple teams'

    Playing county cricket for one team for 20 years is a way of life which has probably disappeared, now that James Hildreth of Somerset is retiring.